Project Management System in C#



Project Management System Simple And Easy to use Project Management System Similar to Basecamp for the project owner to assign and take progress of the task from remote workers

Project Management System Process flow

There are three types of User : 1) Super Admin 2) Admin 3) Developer

Super Admin : Super Admin Has Access to All projects Project Owner : Has Access to Project Access created by him Developer Has Access to Project assign to him by Super Admin or Project Admin

Efficient Dashboard

Get an overview about the total number of projects, tasks, bugs and members. A visual representation of task overview and project status can help you estimate the progress on each task. Lastly, you can check the top due task.

Multi projects

Create multiple different projects. You can create an individual project or give access to projects inviting other users. You can also make other users project admin

Project management

Initiates any project by letting you easily document a launch, plan project tasks and activities, and assign tasks to members of the project team Monitors how and when project team members carry out the assigned tasks Shows the current status of all project tasks (assign /Unassign , Completed /InCompleted) and the responsible persons for each task

Projects Tools

View all Projects Details in Dashboard. Shows the total numbers of tasks and bugs and how many completed it is in the project.Shows the number of assigned developers to their project.

Add New Project by Admin

Create a New Project on click Add New Project Button. Here add the Project details like ProjectName,Project Icon, Description and Add one or more ProjectTeam member email id. Created project in Invite the Project Leader or project member.

Display created project tasks of different status wise.there are many status is defined as below

To-do List Assign the To-do list UnAssign To-do list Completed To-do list InCompleted To-do list Task To-dos Bug To-dos Finish To-dos

Filter the project task and bug as priority(there are three types of priority High,Medium and Low) based on.

To-do List : Add to-dos in task_List by the Project Admin , Project team leader There are two types of To-dos : 1)Task 2) Bug To-dos assigned to the Project team or developer. Set High ,Medium and Low priority of task and date assigned task against send comment with attach file and document to assigned developer

Assign the To-do list : Display the To-do list which was assigned to the team member or developer

UnAssign To-do list : Display the created To-do list which was not assigned to the project team member or any other developer.

Completed To-do list : Display the Completed task Details which was completed by the developer Update the to-dos task status by assigned developer after task completed

InCompleted To-do list : Display the InCompleted To-dos list which was assigned to the developer.

Bug To-dos : Display the all Bugs list of project which status was Assigned,Unassigned ,Completed and Incompleted

Finish To-dos Display the all Finish to-dos list .when project task or bug was created and it’s assigned to developer ,completed by developer after they update finish to-dos status in system of to-dos.

File Attachment

Every project has it’s documentation or some other file attachment like flowchart , process flow etc,… Here created projects have facilities to attach and store some documents related to that project.

Calendar View

It gives one of the best facilities of calendar view for project planning.Calendars provides a high-level view of scheduled tasks by day,week,month and year.Having a sharable task and time management calendar allows project Admin to view project plans for not only one team, but for other teams as well.


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